Student Voices

Students share their learning with me, with each other, and with the world


Student Voices

Students share their learning with me, with each other, and with the world

What do Students Say?


The 13 students in the Spring 2018 class on International Development and Design Thinking explored the essentials of design thinking, connected these tools with real international development challenges, and taught their own class as well.  

Each student wrote a blog post that explores some aspects of design thinking and/or international development process, reflects on the experience of teaching, or examines their experience working with a real-world development client. 


I encourage students to reflect deeply, think critically, and share their learning with each other. At the beginning of the advanced course in spring 2016, the 14 students were paired with mentors, alumni who took the same course in spring 2014. Current students connected with their mentors to learn about their experiences of co-creating the course and, subsequently, share those lessons with the rest of the class. During the semester, after teaching their respective classes, students reflect on their experience as a teacher and a co-creator by writing a LinkedIn article. At the end of the semester, we share and discuss our main takeaways from the course. Check out the publications and recordings to get a sense of the course. I welcome your thoughts and feedback. 

LinkedIn Articles


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Steve Reifenberg

Creative Confidence: Re-designing Wallets and the Standard Classroom


Why Higher Education Feels Like Foreign Aid

Andrew Pertisin


It’s all in the Gravy: Learning, Co-Creating a Class, and the Future

Daniel Olivieri

End-of-Semester Takeaways